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Our aim is to supply high quality bearings in a manner to satisfy the fast moving and ever changing motorsport industry. HB also manufacture specialist bespoke bearings in low volume for high end supercar manufacturers. The design stage of a bearing is absolutely crucial. With our in-house technical department HB Bearings have the knowledge and the experience to assist in bearing design. Convention can be stretched at the design stage; there is great scope, and all types of bearings and materials can be considered.

Over 50 years HB Bearings have built up a talented team of bearing engineers & designers. We are able to manufacture state of the art motorsport bearings. We can design bearings on our solid modeling CAD system. Dynamic and static load ratings calculated to I.S.O. standards which can be used to calculate bearing life, also we can advise on speed capabilities and the anticipated effects on bearing life.

HB Bearings has gained a global reputation for leading the field in innovation, lead times and bearing quality. We know the motorsport industry well and can move very quickly through design processes and start manufacturing as it has a wide range of bearing steels and rolling elements in stock. We are flexible enough to manufacture anything from a one off to quantity run in a time scale to suit your requirement.

Lots of time, energy and money has been poured into HB Bearings inspection, design and manufacturing facilitys to keep our pole position. To give some examples of this:- CNC grinding, CNC co-ordinate measuring machine, CAD/CAM system, two temperature controlled inspection rooms.

Our bearings are used at the highest level of motorsport and are designed to deal with high levels of performance.

We think there is only one choice when it comes to bespoke motorsport bearings, our tireless attention to design details such as clearances, lubrication, surface finish, concentricity, flatness, blends, crowns, preloads, contact angles, radii make our bearings and your team winners.

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